Over the next few weeks we will be discovering our Edit of the UK’s most stylish Bridal Boutiques. Kicking off this week we had the chance to catch up with Entrepreneurial girl boss Lauren. Lauren and her mum Gail are the faces behind The Mews brand. We absolutely adore these ladies for their dare to be different approach to the bridal world. Creating a name for themselves as ‘Parisan Bridal Queen’s’ here is what Lauren had to say about The Mews. 

Bridal Boss Lauren :

Describe The Mews in three words?

Modern, Parisian, Chic

Describe The Mews style & vibe?

We didn’t feel that many of the traditional wedding dresses reflected who girls were, and what their style was. So The Mews is all about trying to bring out a bride’s natural style, but just enhanced because its their wedding day. Our vibe is to offer a more relaxed, cool look. But one that still has the timeless elegance that you’d be proud of years later.

What does a Mews bride look like?

A typical Mews bride isn’t looking for the really traditional bridal gown. She is looking for a modern edge.

What inspired you to open a Bridal Boutique?

The Mews Bridal is a family business that started out with my Mum, Gail, in Bristol. I always would help out as a child on Saturdays and during the holidays. But initially, joining The Mews wasn’t in my plans. I was at ballet school and wanted to travel Europe dancing professionally.

After a few years of doing this in the UK, Denmark and France, injury forced me to give it up. Luckily, my Mum was brave enough to support my suggestion that I could expand The Mews with a new boutique in Notting Hill (quickly followed by New York!)

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What makes The Mews stand out from the crowd?

I’d say there are two things that make The Mews stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, it has to be our designers. We are the exclusive stockist to seven Parisian bridal designers. They beautifully balance the scale between tradition and modernism This really gives the dresses that ‘Parisian chic’ style that people crave.

Secondly, our approach with brides is as relaxed as possible. We’d hate to think that we are pushy – trying to get brides to buy a dress and throwing customer experience out of the window. We encourage our girls to really be stylists, not sales people. If a dress isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you.

Your Favourite Bridal Trend at the moment?

On the long list of things French women have mastered, layering is close to the top. The two-piece is still a favorite of mine enabling brides to put their own twist on a bridal look.

Must have fashion accessory – If you had to pick one fashion accessory to accompany your dresses what would it be and why?

Less is more when it comes to styling our dresses don’t over do your bridal look or have too many accessories. Your guests want to see you; you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles. I am obsessed with dainty, gold jewellery. Looking to add a little edge with your accessories? Earrings are the perfect way to push the envelope without worrying that they’ll take center stage. I love a modern hoop or a unique cut with a bit of sparkle to jazz things up. Avoid vintage-inspired pieces as they’re often overdone and can make your look top-heavy.

In your expert opinion what advice would you give to brides currently looking to find their wedding dress?

My advice would come in three parts:

  1. Don’t let other voices take you down a path you don’t like. Your wedding dress should be an extensive of your personal style, only taken a bit further. Despite having the best intentions, other people might try to get you to buy a dress that ultimately isn’t ‘you’. Listen to your own style. The happiest brides are sometimes actually the ones that come in by themselves for their first appointment!
  2. Always be open to all shapes and cuts. You might have your heart set on a dress or style, but when you try it on it might not work for you. Be prepared to try on as many different types of dresses, especially early on. When you find out what works best for your style and body shape – make sure you get your stylist to focus on it!
  3. Give yourself plenty of time! Don’t leave getting your dress until just a couple of months before the wedding. Many dresses, like ours, are handmade and need six months to make sure they are completely fitted to you perfectly.

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What Designers can be found at The Mews?

In our Notting Hill and New York boutiques, we only stock our French designers. These include: Rime Arodaky, Delphine Manivet, Laure de Sagazan, Donatelle Godart, Margaux Tardits, and Jeanne Source.

In Clifton, we also stock Atelier Emelia, as well as the popular British designers: Jenny Packham, Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford and Halfpenny London.

Lastly, why should brides pick The Mews as their ‘ must see’ boutique when it comes to hunting down that perfect dress?

I don’t think any boutique should be a ‘must see’ for all brides. Some brides are looking for a very traditional dress, or one with plenty of embellishment. And that absolutely fine, but you won’t get that at The Mews!

For any bride looking for a modern twist on traditional elegance then a bride should definitely come in to see us. Our dresses are aimed at the cool bride who might be looking for a little bit of sexy, or some bohemian edge to their dress.

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