Andrea Hawkes is a British bridal designer based in London, England. Crafted with precision, with fit and feel at the forefront of our wedding dresses. Simplistic contemporary designs with classic shapes, fully made in the UK using the highest quality natural silks and lace. Andrea’s experience working personally with brides, gives an understanding of the relationship between the bride and her designer.

Andrea’s ethos is to provide a personal and professional service in a welcoming and relaxed environment. The concept of simplifying the bridal experience by offering an honest approach to having a beautiful wedding dress made.

Andrea designs classic couture shapes into modern contemporary designs, using the finest natural fabrics and attention to finishes and details creating a simplistic and strong aesthetic.

“Being a wedding dress designer with an appreciation for fashion design and garment fit is extremely important. It is the expertise to understand garments and how they fit the individual. I work with an experienced and talented team, who appreciate and understand our personal approach to each bride.”

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