If you’re a groom, you’re in the right place. If you’re a bride, this is the post to ‘accidentally’ leave open. Today, we’re giving it up for the guys and focussing on hot wedding day looks for grooms. Now we know we’re called The Bridal Edit but right now, there’s a real hint of testosterone in the air so grooms, this one’s for you…


Now we totally get that you might have heard enough about ‘wedding style’ and ‘wedding themes’ but guys, you need to know this stuff. Are you heading for a wedding that’s rocking the Vintage Vibes? Is your big day going to be all about the Luxe Love? Or is a Classic Collaboration more your thing? If you’re not sure, your bride will be so sit up, pay attention and get your wedding day style nailed before you hit the shops.

The great thing about knowing your style is that it makes everything else super easy from here on in. Forget wandering the shops in a blind panic. Forget spending hours browsing and trying on endless outfits that make your bride roll her eyes. That’s all behind you now. Now you know what you’re looking for, shopping for THE SUIT will be a breeze. A breeze, we tell you.

Another thing that you can forget is bog standard hire suits. Long gone are the days of slightly ill-fitting identikit suits with paisley pattern waistcoats and cravats. Ditch the thought of looking like an uncomfortable extra from a period film and instead, embrace The New Groom…

groom suit options


Well hello there New Groom and welcome to a brand new world. Because, when it comes to weddings now, there are no rules. You don’t have to wear what you don’t want to wear. There’s no need to hire a three-piece suit. Forget the though of spending the day faffing with a pocket square or strange tie. Oh no. The New Groom can totally choose his own look. And that’s why you need to know your style. See? It’s all making sense now isn’t it?

If you’re a Bohemian Beats kinda guy then you’re never going to be your best in tails or a morning suit. Instead, layer up your favourite pieces and don’t try to make everything match. Even hire outlets like Moss Bros now offer this kind of laid-back look in their hire range now which gives this style the official thumbs up.

groom rustic boho look

Feeling the allure of Modern Musings? Then sharp, slim, well-tailored suits are what you need. Think crisp cuts, unexpected fabric combinations and a few flourishes to make this look rock.

And guys, don’t forget that accessories are essential. Tweed suits need brown brogues like a hot dinner suit needs a hand-tied bow tie. Think about your watch, your cufflinks, your tie, your cologne and make sure it all works together. If you need a confidence booster, ask for some advice. Speak to an expert who can help you out and then on the big day, relax and lap up all those compliments that are sure to be coming your way…

groom wedding day accessories


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