You’re getting married? Great! But, before you start visiting showrooms and ateliers to find The One (dress that is), it’s best to be prepared. Picking up the necessary bridal vocab can be like learning a whole new language. And even though your already married friends present the whole process like it’s a piece of cake, they’ve been where you are (aka in the land of total cluelessness). Luckily for you, we have prepared a basic guide of the most popular necklines you’ll find on the market:


Wedding Dress by Karen Willis Holmes featuring the Off-The-Shoulder Necklines

This kind of neckline sits gracefully below the shoulders and flatters the bride’s collarbones. How royal! And although this stunning ‘Azalea’ from Karen Willis Holmes also features some transparency, it still qualifies like an off-the-shoulder gown with an interesting twist. Style it with a pretty hair updo and a pair of ear blings in order to highlight your face features.


Wedding dress by Naomi Neoh featuring the Queen Anne necklines

Named after Queen Anne who popularised the look, this neckline seems to be a royal favourite – Queen Rania of Jordan and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge to name a few. It usually comes with romantic lace details, like this ‘Isobel’ dress by Naomi Neoh and often resembles a diamond shape. Talk about a classy choice! Although this neckline is considered quite traditional, it has a modern touch to it and usually flatters small-breasted brides.


Wedding Dress by Anna Campbell featuring an Illusion Necklines

Probably the most pinned neckline, the Illusion is the most popular one. Totally on-trend, sweet and discreetly sexy, it basically is a combination of two different necklines. Thanks to its popularity, finding your ideal version of it should be easy, as it comes in a wide range of different variations. Currently, our eyes are locked on this ‘Georgia’ dress by Anna Campbell and its modern twist on such a classic style.


Wedding Dress by And For Love featuring a V-neck Necklines

Downright feminine and sexy, the V-Neck is pretty self explanatory. Ideal for a summer wedding, this neckline is more versatile than you think. Depending on the dress, it can adjust to many different styles. For a bohemian touch, like this ‘Brooklyn’ by And For Love, go for a more relaxed shape, while if you want to make a statement, opt for a more glamorous silhouette.


Wedding Dress by Grace Loves Lace featuring a Halter Necklines

With most brides choosing more revealing necklines, the Halter seems to be the most rarely seen one. It is, nevertheless, a very impressive neckline that adds a bold statement to the bridal look. Just like this ‘Alexandra’ dress by Grace Loves Lace, it usually comes in more fitted gowns, making the bride look like a million dollars.


Wedding Dress by Bo & Luca featuring Spaghetti Strap Necklines

Simple, summery and fresh, the Spaghetti Strap neckline seems to be getting more and more popular and it’s not hard to imagine why. Easy to wear and very sweet, it’s the bride’s go-to choice for a more relaxed feel. And although it has a lot of different versions, we’re leaning towards a more bohemian vibe after seeing this ‘Palm Springs’ dress by Bo & Luca. Paired with flat shoes, it immediately turns into a fun bridal choice!

Normally, the neckline list can go on and on, since designers keep on re-imagining classic staples with a modern twist. However, our guide should be enough to get you started and inspire you as your bridal journey begins. What is your favourite neckline so far?