So they’ve done it. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have announced their engagement. Let’s be honest, they really do make a super cute couple so huge congratulations from us. We know that the wedding is going to take place in May 2018 at Windsor Castle and there’s something else we know too. It’s now absolutely game on with wedding dress predictions. Oh yes, it’s time to look ahead and have a look at some of the designers and styles that Meghan might love. Of course, this give us all a chance to swoon over the greatest gowns so really, it’s a win win for everyone…


It’s a safe bet to say that whatever she wears, she’s going to look amazing. Throughout her courtship with Prince Harry, we’ve loved Meghan’s polished style and she effortlessly rocks everything from glam to everyday. Her choice of outfit for her engagement photo call was predictably fabulous and we bet it also got the Royal seal of approval too.

meghan harry

But, the big question now is – what will Meghan wear on her wedding day?

Royal brides aren’t just going to walk into a boutique and buy a gown from a designer’s collection, however gorgeous it might be. Instead, they’ll work with their chosen designer in super secrecy to create the dress that the whole world will comment on. So, rather than choosing THE GOWN that Meghan will wear, we’ve shortlisted a few designers that would be brilliant choices for this groundbreaking bride.


First on the list is Charlie Brear. Charlie’s designs are all about cool modern grace and if that’s not Meghan Markle, we don’t know what is. Royal brides also LOVE lace and you’ll see plenty of this on Charlie’s dresses. The refined style and sleek beauty of these gowns would so suit Ms Markle.

Then, we’ve got to mention Suzanne Neville. Made in Britain and loved around the world, a Suzanne Neville gown would make all the right statements for sure. These dresses are all about perfect fit, the best couture techniques and delicious materials. Now that sounds pretty perfect for a Royal wedding…

Suzanne Neville Dress

Suzanne Neville Dress

Naomi Neoh would be the romantic British choice. Naomi seems to have an innate understanding of women’s bodies and what makes them look their best. Her flowing gowns would look amazing in the historic setting of Windsor Castle and if Meghan wants to do something a little different, Naomi’s signature blush pink would be a wonderful choice.

Of course, there’s no need to stop at just one dress! The Duchess of Cambridge famously changed for her evening reception and our money is definitely on Meghan doing the same, whichever designer she chooses!