So very excited about today’s post.Taking a break from the dresses and bringing you Body and Skin care inspiration. It’s a subject that isn’t spoken about enough and let’s face it as a bride-to-be it’s pretty crucial to get right not only on the day of your wedding, but on the journey to your big day.  I hope you are going to love these products as much as I do. OK, it started when I discovered MALĀKO on Instagram (doesn’t everything begin with Insta these days?). I was then lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview founder of MALĀKO Kanchalika Stephenson. Not only has she created a fabulous looking brand. The products are insane and the message behind this business is a beautiful one too.



“MALĀKO is inspired by century-old wellness wisdom and the love for nature. It’s our vision of what beauty should be – products that aren’t just skin deep. The products that encourage self-care practice, inspire positivity and have an impact on your mind, body and soul.”

“All products are made in the UK, created in small batches to preserve its potency. We choose the ancient botanical around the world for their powerful healing properties. This is to help recover tired muscle and make an impact on the mind, skin and soul. Ethically works with a small, family business to create our products and consciously source eco-friendly materials that can only be reused or recycled.”




“Our product contains a carefully selected 17 natural therapeutic ingredients. Sourced from all over the world. Chosen by their powerful healing properties and abilities to deeply nourish, revive dry and rejuvenate stressed skin.”

“Each product is uniquely blended with revitalised Lemongrass, tranquil May Chang and Frankincens. Designed to transform your mood – relieve stress and fatigue and improve the appearance of your skin. It’s a perfect combination for any brides who are looking to create a de-stress, skin prep ritual, to help them be a calm, glowing bride, on a big day.”

The lady in the know Kanchalika behind brand MALĀKO have helped come up with some Top Tips on how you can use the products in the run up, and on the day of your wedding.



#1 Stress less

You’ve been relentlessly planning your big day and you start to show the sign of tiredness and stress. Finding a moment to be kind to yourself and treat yourself from outside in will help reduce your anxiety. Use Skin to Soul Body and Hand Wash in the morning and night as a shower gel, with warm water to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face the day ahead. You can add also use this wash in your bath when you need to completely unwind.

#2  Feet treatment

Don’t forget to take care of your feet. Especially the months leading up to the wedding. You can add your daily feet treatment into your routine at the end of your shower by scrubbing your feet daily. Apply Skin to Soul Body Crème Scrub all over your feet, once your feet are wet and skin start to soften, to remove dry or dead skin. Pay attention to the cracked and hard skin around your heel and between toes. Rub the scrub longer, not harder, when you want deep exfoliation. Rinse away and pat dry. Then, apply a good amount of Skin to Soul Body Butter Balm onto every nook and cranny of your feet and to hydrate your skin. To get the best result from this routine, slip on your socks on overnight to lock the moisture in.

# 3  Hand treatment

The second most photographed part of your body on your wedding day is those hands. Start taking care of your hands by washing them with gentle & moisturised Skin to Soul Body and Hand Wash and clean your nails with a nail brush. Exfoliate your hands weekly with a gentle Skin to Soul Body Crème Scrub and deeply hydrates your hands right after every hand washes and showers with Skin to Soul Body Butter Balm to soften cuticles and leaves your hands amazingly supple and nourished

# 4  Shaving

If you opt for shaving as a method to remove your hair, exfoliating before you shave with a gentle scrub will help you achieve the smoother skin. To exfoliate, apply Skin to Soul Body Crème Scrub on the area and massage the scrub in small circle movements. Rinse off thoroughly with warm (not hot) water and continue shaving.  Once you’ve shaved all the hair, rinse them off with cold water to close your pore, pat them dry and apply a rich Skin to Soul Body Butter Balm to hydrate your skin to get your skin soft and smooth.




MALĀKO Skin to Soul Essentials Kit is a perfect gift to make someone feel appreciated. It contains a gift card and a luxurious dose of self-care.  The entire full-sized Skin to Soul range, to create the most serene and relaxed treatment, a perfect way to thanking the people who have made your big day so special.