International Bridal Designers are major players when it comes to Bridal Fashion. With Social Media Platforms like Instagram taking over the world. Brides to be have access to some of the most insanely beautiful dresses available World Wide. Hunting down the dress can somewhat be a challenge. But, innovative fashion forward boutiques out there have jumped on the band wagon. Not only national designers but international designers,  are now at the finger tips of brides.

Today we catch up with Katey from UK boutique Ghost Orchid Bride. A fine example of diverse offerings to a bride and why Ghost Orchid Bride is a ‘must see’  boutique.  Hosting those International Bridal Designers you have been lusting over. Here’s what Katey had to say :



Describe Ghost Orchid Bride in three words?

Authentic, Cool, Modern

Describe your style & vibe?

At Ghost Orchid, I would say there is definitely a happy, chilled out. Anything goes kind of attitude which creates a really laid-back easy-going vibe for our brides. Think of a light filled space, unpretentious modern décor with luxe accents. Not forgetting a little hint of industrial charm combined with comfy sofas, Moroccan bean bags and a super warm welcome!

 What does a ‘Ghost Orchid’ bride look like?

All our brides are totally unique and I’m yet to meet two with the same style or requirements. I guess that’s what actually makes a Ghost Orchid bride. All our brides are cool, individual, strong women. Women who aren’t afraid to stick their middle fingers up at traditions in the name of staying true to themselves.

The only uniform theme is our women know they want to not only look amazing on their wedding day. They want to feel incredible. They want to have fun, to be able to eat and drink and dance. A Ghost Orchid bride wants to feel like herself. Not like she’s just fallen off the end of some twisted over-styled bridal factory conveyor belt. Weddings are a beautiful opportunity for couples to tell their story. Through style and visuals and with her wedding outfit, a bride is showing you who she is.

What inspired you to open a Bridal Boutique?

Unfortunately, this answer is pretty predictable! It has honestly been a life-long dream. Even as a very small child I was always sketching new outfit ideas and designs. (a lot of very questionable ones I admit but hey, I was 6 and it was the 80s). I went on to study fashion design with the goal of designing my own range of wedding dresses. As is often the case, life took me on another path. But, I always kept an eye on the industry. Bridal is just really exciting right now, with so many inspiring indie brands that I was getting to a point where I was struggling to think of reasons why not to open a showroom!. After a long walk and talk in the rain with my sister Natalie, I just felt it in my bones that I needed to do this. I went home that day and immediately started my research. After 9 months of incredibly hard work, Ghost Orchid had launched.

Take us through a day in the life of Ghost Orchid?

Well, I am a Yorkshire girl so it obviously starts with a nice cup of tea. I just love opening up the shop early, lighting the candles and putting the kettle on while deciding what tunes to listen to that day and wondering what awesome brides I’ll meet, all the while replying to emails, scrolling through Instagram and continuing my obsession with keeping up to date with the wedding industry news.

I’ll make sure the shop is ship shape for our brides and that there’s plenty of Prosecco chilling in the fridge. At Ghost Orchid, we want everything to be perfect for our brides but our main concern is making sure women feel relaxed, at ease and have loads of fun choosing their gowns from our host of international Bridal Designers. Brides are warmly welcomed into the shop and over a drink we will have a casual chat so I can learn all I can in order to assist her in finding her perfect gown. She then has free rein of the collection and this is when the fun really starts!

We will probably end a successful day by finishing off what’s left of the Prosecco.

Ghost Orchid Bride

What makes Ghost Orchid stand out from the crowd?

Without a doubt, it’s the amazing labels we have. We have been so lucky and are so thankful for the brands that we carry and for putting faith in Ghost Orchid before we even opened. However exclusive our labels are though, we stay true to our down-to-earth character. We provide a high end, stylish, luxury product and experience but without any tension. Although totally professional, there’s a laid-back fuss free vibe in the shop and we are often complimented on this by our brides. Women have told us they were nervous about trying dresses on before they came to us or that they expected the experience to be pretentious and stuffy but leave our showroom feeling really inspired and excited. I like to think that the balance we naturally achieve with a high fashion product yet grounded and personal service really sets us apart from the crowd.



Your Favourite Bridal Trend at the moment?

Such a hard question as I change my mind literally by the minute! There’s just so many great trends from International Bridal Designers at the moment. There is something so endearing about the minimal 90s look with pure white gowns and clean lines that don’t over shadow the bride. Team it with a simple undone hairstyle and some killer gold jewellery and you’re onto a winner. I’m also loving a front split in a gown right now. Having said that, if this isn’t your style then it shouldn’t be forced. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s about reflecting who you are. If you’re a bohemian free-spirit or channeling the mystical ethereal vibe…go with it!

Must have fashion accessory – If you had to pick one fashion accessory to accompany your dresses what would it be and why?

I truly believe that the right accessories make the gown come to life and really help brides to make it their own. Again, so difficult to choose just one but if I absolutely have to, I’d say go with a subtle yet intricate headpiece. Something that’s eye catching and interesting, is flattering to the features and lets the bride stand out yet doesn’t distract from the dress or overpower her.

details at ghost orchid bride

 In your expert opinion what advice would you give to brides currently looking to find their wedding dress?

Trust your own judgement. Although it’s natural to want to get the advice of others, choose friends and family who know you and your style well and who will be helpful and constructive. Remember everyone has different opinions and it’s yours that really matters. I think brides often expect this fairytale lightning bolt moment with just one dress, often is the case but sometimes brides are lucky enough to get this feeling with more than one dress. Not recognising this as the blessing it is, brides continue the search looking for “the one”, only to confuse themselves more. If you’re lucky enough to love more than one dress, try to really listen to your instincts and envisage the gown on your wedding day.


What Designers can be found at Ghost Orchid?

We currently stock gowns from International Bridal Designers  Odylyne the Ceremony, & FOR LOVE, Daughters of Simone and Chantel Lauren and are super excited to be adding Alexandra Grecco to our collection very soon. For us, great as we will be the only stockist in England of this cool New York label. We also host trunk shows. It’s worth checking to see if we will be hosting one from your favourite designers.

We also have the most beautiful range of jewellery, veils and accessories. From International talent  Luv AJ, Naturae Design, Olivia the Wolf and Howling Moon. Not to mention the most gorgeous luxury lingerie by Tisja Damen!

Why should brides pick Ghost Orchid as their ‘must see’ boutique ?

Our collection of gowns and accessories has been so carefully put together with so much thought behind each and every piece. I feel we really have managed to curate a beautifully diverse collection of gowns. At Ghost Orchid, we are pretty fashion orientated but really keep the focus on luxury and what makes women actually feel incredible. Our ever-evolving collection encapsulates all the latest bridal trends. We will appeal to such a wide range of women and styles, from minimalist to bohemian to ethereal to modern. Ghost Orchid is a fun, cliché free bridal experience for modern brides with an edge.



To find out more about Ghost Orchid Bride and their International Bridal Designers visit here


Credits | Photography Cluskey Smith & Catherine Laura

Images | Daughters of Simone | Luv AJ | Chantel Lauren | Odylyne the Ceremony