Hear that, London? Grace Loves Lace has a boutique, which (interesting fact coming right at ya) is the first European showroom of the brand. It’s not surprising though. London is the place to be for those who want to thrive in the wedding industry.

Available by appointment only, the East London-based showroom will give you more than a sneak peek to the fascinating French bridal world. Incredible gowns, intricate details and a great variety of breathtaking silhouettes won’t let you leave empty handed. Luxury materials and the inimitable French aesthetic meet with the rose gold accents of the showroom’s interior, creating an absolute haven for the bride-to-be.

Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom

Speaking of interiors, it’s quite interesting to notice how a pretty room instantly influences the bride. At such a moment of complete (wedding) chaos, the bride can often find herself trapped and stressed. An aesthetically pleasing boutique, therefore, is a great way to calm her down, make her feel at ease. Enter the new Grace Loves Lace showroom, which was actually styled by Louise Hughes from One Stylish Day – and did a fantastic job we must add.


A first taste of the showroom

Located in the trendy Shoreditch area, it’s inspired by the contemporary European woman. This is translated into breathtaking glass ceilings, exposed brick walls and chic copper hardware. The feminine blush tones along with the rich greenery and the marble details add a luxurious yet calming finish to the room.

Upon arrival, each bride and her guests are greeted by a personal stylist, along with a cool glass of sparkling wine or their signature rose tea adorned with romantic rose petals. Could it be more dreamy than this? We kind of picturing ourselves there as we write those lines. Then, the magic begins. The bride tries on a selection of gowns and accessories, the friends comment and the most fun part begins!

Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom Grace Loves Lace_London ShowroomGrace Loves Lace_London Showroom

What to expect from the Grace Loves Lace collections

As most Australian bridal brands, Grace Loves Lace is all about bringing luxury to your big day. Their incredible fabrics and handmade details are only some of the reasons why it has such a big fan club. What’s more important to us, though, is their unconventional approach to everything wedding related. The brand is defining a new era of bride and seeks inspiration from the free-spirited woman who’s unbound by monotony and tradition.

Their philosophy is translated into comfortable, slightly bohemian gowns that avoid passing trends. On the contrary, we see timeless designs in all of their collections. It’s also very refreshing to notice how they’re able to play around with different styles without losing their identity in the process. Talk about #goals!

Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom Grace Loves Lace_London Showroom

So, are you already in the booking section? If not, hurry up! We hear that it’s super busy already. And make sure you’ve studied before showing up – it will really help you decide.

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All images are by James Frost.