Today is all about GLOSSIER. Personally I have been totally in awe of GLOSSIER products for quite some time. As all women, I’m sure, I’ve got a total obsession with the packaging, branding and modern aesthetics. Brides to be all over the UK can now get their hands on these products. GLOSSIER now ship to the UK – Hurrah!. I also believe this skin care products would be a fabulous addition to those make up bags. Preparing skin for the big day is key. Here’s why.


GLOSSIER is a beauty brand inspired by what girls want in real life, made by editors who get what works. They have tested every beauty product under the sun, interviewed our icons, and are in constant conversation with customers. Everything they do is distilled into their essential, easy-to-use skin care and makeup products that enhance–never hide–your real skin.


Here are our top picks for Brides to be looking for the essential skin care regime in preparation for the big day.

Soothing Face Mist

Glossier Face Mist

Ever thought you’d spray water onto your face right after you washed it? No? Well, this isn’t just water, per se. It’s made with roses and aloe to hydrate, soothe, and leave you feeling fresh and awake. Allowing preparing for your skin and moisturiser. Also excellent as a makeup refresher and midday pick-me-up. One of the key ingredients is Rosewater: Gentle and natural skin-soother that smells pretty great. Aloe: Acts as a water reservoir to hydrate skin. You might be needing this when recovering from hen party shenanigans!.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier cleanser


Hands up who cleanses properly ? And no wet wipes just do not cut it. This is the ultimate daily face wash: use on dry skin to dissolve away makeup and grime, or on wet skin as you start your day. The pH-balanced, creamy gel formula is made with a blend of five skin conditioners. This means your face is left feeling healthy and soft, never tight. Its cleansing power comes from the same gentle cleaning agents found in contact lens solution, so it’s tough on impurities and still safe to use on your eyes.

Priming Moisturiser

“Priming” means that it instantly brings out the best in your skin. This is so you have a fresh, glowing canvas that’s ready for your bridal makeup. The ideal base for Perfecting Skin Tint, it visibly plumps skin up with moisture. To create a cushiony bounce and an even texture, which helps minimise the appearance of pores—minus any heavy blurring ingredients. The Anti-Redness Complex soothes and evens skin tone, leaving a clean, dewy, balanced finish. This comforting cream allows you to layer and build up to the perfect amount of moisture depending on climate, season, or how your skin’s feeling on your big day.

The Supers

Glossier Supers

Think of these like supplements for your face. Super-concentrated serums packed with essential nutrients to refill your skin’s deficiencies, strengthening it day after day. Because you’re not just a “skin type”—your needs change daily, and your product lineup should help you adapt. Some days skin feels dull, like after an all-nighter. Enter: Super Glow. Super Bounce eases tight, dehydrated skin (think: hangovers, long nights spent on table plans). Use after cleansing, before moisturiser. Together, The Supers are part of a well-balanced skin care routine in the weeks prior to your wedding day.

Body Hero

Now lets not forget about the rest of you.Inspired by oil cleansers and potent creams usually used above the neck. Body Hero cleans, hydrates, and enhances skin all over, with a light, baby-fresh scent. The seven-oil blend in Daily Oil Wash attracts grime and sweat like a magnet before turning into a soft froth that washes it all away without stripping. Daily Perfecting Cream is your body’s daily moisturiser—it melts into skin for all-day hydration, with light-reflecting particles for an instantaneous, dewy glow. Glide onto towel-dried skin once you’re out of the shower. There’s zero residue (so you can get dressed into the wedding dress now).

And if that isn’t enough …. did I mention they have a make up collection too ?




Credits  Glossier