Honestly, what’s not to love about this time of year? Festive shenanigans are on the horizon and the wedding world is full of new collections. Today, we’re looking at Love Awakened, the 2018 collection from Daphne Newman. If you dream of wearing a luxurious yet contemporary wedding veil, this is the feature for you.

daphne newman new collection

daphne newman veil

veil daphne newman


So, who is Daphne Newman? Well, Daphne herself is Canadian by birth and she’s spent her life in love with exquisite fabrics and couture design.

“I have an overwhelming desire to understand the story behind every piece of lace. This desire is what leads me down crowded streets in far reaching locales, where I have the opportunity to understand and get to know the people behind it. The moments and memories I collect on each journey are delicately woven into the details of every piece I create, and lend themselves to the reason why I carefully, and meticulously craft each piece by hand. It is my hope that once it’s yours, it will unfold into a beautiful story of your own.”

In 2015, Daphne’s daughter Raquelle Kilotaitis joined the business. With her knowledge and experience, the Daphne Newman brand has pretty much redefine opinions about wedding veils. This deeply traditional bridal accessory has been given one hell of a makeover.

veil by daphne newman

love awakened daphne newman

black veil by daphne newman

daphne newman black veil


Just take a look at these images and then try and find the words to describe how stunning these veils are. It’s almost impossible right? If you ever thought wedding veils were a bit boring and a bit meh, think again. Just the words ‘silk tulle’ have got us on our knees. Then, we need to talk about those embellishments too. Perfection doesn’t even come close. Really, can you just imagine wearing one of these veils? How incredibly bridal would you feel? There are actually no words…

daphne newman embellished veil

daphne newman wedding veil

beautiful daphne newman veil

We are so thrilled to showcase Daphne Newman here on The Bridal Edit because finally, someone has made veils into statement pieces again. There’s always talk about a statement dress or statement jewellery but when did you hear the phrase ‘statement veil’? You haven’t have you.

Until now…

To find out more, take a look at our dedicated Daphne Newman portfolio or visit her website.

statement wedding veil daphne newman

daphne newman wedding veil designer

Credits: Creative Direction – Daphne Newman + Raquelle Kilotaitis | Wedding Veils – Daphne Newman | Collection – 2018 Wedding Veils ‘Love Awakened’ | Photographer – Lelia Scarfiotti | Model – Cloe Simoncioni of Casting Firenze | Hair/Makeup – Katie Angus of The Future Mrs. | Gowns – beaded long sleeve- Liz Martinez from Spina Bride, lace off the shoulder – Liz Martinez from Spina Bride, slip dress – Daphne Newman and the beaded/glitter gown – Karen Willis Holmes from Pearl and Dot | Location – Umbria, Italy