We have been avid Charlie Brear supporters from year dot. For those of you new to the ‘bridal world’. British Designer Charlie Brear started off her journey as a Fashion stylist and fell into to Bridal in 2005 purely by accident. Fast forward to 2018 and Charlie has positioned herself as a globally known Bridal star.

Renowned for her contemporary designs, this label has attracted a cult following. From spirited and modern brides who want their wedding dress as unique as they are.

We feel completely honoured to be able to bring you the latest Images of Charlie Brear’s new collection recently shot in New York.


Ama Charlie Brear Wedding dress

Charlie Brear Wedding Dress

Charlie Brear Wedding dress

With the trend set to continue as brides seek customisable options to create multiple looks for their wedding day. The new 2019 collection will see Charlie Brear focusing on this popular trend. Quite literally the Queen of bridal separates. We are completely over the moon the love for this trend will continue.  Each dress is set to be contemporary, feminine and fashion-forward that work together to create endless possibilities and looks.

Cresta Charlie Brear

Tiverton Charlie Brear


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The Bridal Edit