You know that we worship the strong, creative men and women who make the world of bridal brilliant. Today, we’re sharing an exclusive interview with the exceptional Australian designer, Anna Campbell. You’ll already have seen lots of Anna Campbell gowns here on The Bridal Edit and it’s fair to say we love her. We adore her style, her gorgeous boho gowns and her total commitment to making wedding dresses women love. So it’s time to hear from the bridal boss – Anna Campbell…

Anna Campbell


Tell us about your background – what did you do before you became a bridal designer.

I moved to Melbourne in 2007 when I was 19 and started selling handmade headpieces to boutiques. The headpiece range was extended to dresses and with demand and natural progression, the label developed into high end bridal.

What do you think/how do you feel when you look back at your first collection?

Nostalgic! It feels like a lifetime ago, and for me, it really almost has been! I can honestly say that I have grown up with the brand, and I feel like our collections reflect this too. I feel like our last few collections have really seen us hit our stride in terms of what our brides love, and who we are. But I will always be grateful for the simple ivory, embellished cocktail dresses that gave me my start.

How has your brand and style evolved over time?

Our collections have expanded over time, but ultimately Anna Campbell has stayed true to who we are, and what our brides love. We have never been too caught up with trends, as I think a wedding dress is something so special that it really should be true to the bride, who she is as a person and her own personal style. She should be able to look back on it in 10 years and still love it just as much! So for us, while we are constantly working to perfect our designs and structures, we will always design vintage-inspired, romantic dresses to be hand-made in Australia, using only the most luxurious fabrics, sparkling hand-beaded embellishments and exclusive laces.

Anna Campbell Eternity collection

How do you keep your designs fresh?

I draw inspiration from a huge range of sources – from nature, to vintage references, and architecture. In general, we just want to make ridiculously beautiful dresses where the style will be appreciated eternally. I would describe our style as a little bit romantic, classic, inspired by vintage pieces, with a modern silhouette. As we only release one collection per year, we spend countless hours working with our brides and researching what has worked. We spend time working out what might be missing from our collections, sampling, testing, re-designing… We do everything to make sure that the dress that our brides eventually try on is absolutely perfect!

What have been the biggest milestones with your brand?

Our biggest milestone happened this year! We have celebrated Anna Campbell’s 10-year anniversary in 2017, with the release of our collection that launched in July. It has been an incredible rollercoaster, but I have loved every minute of it.

Why do you think your business has been a success?

I think our success has come from knowing who we are as a brand, who our brides are, and understanding what they love. We have never been an ‘on trend’ label, and pay little attention to what is currently on trend and what isn’t! Anna Campbell gowns will always be Australian made, hand finished in house. We will always use luxury fabrics, including silks, stunning laces, and intricate breathtaking bead work. I think that is the perfect recipe for what a Anna Campbell bride wants.

Sydney Dress Anna Campbell

What are your current favourite bridal trends and what do you think we’ll be seeing lots of soon?

Definitely the theme of botanical-inspired laces, bows and flowing silk skirts embroidered with delicate lace details are trends that we continue to see from lots of different designers’ collections at the moment. Being a brand that has always made a feature of our own classic silk bows, we love the romance of these details! Outside of bridal fashion, we are also seeing a lot of brides choosing to carry beautiful lush foliage and natives, instead of the traditional bridal bouquet too!

Complete these sentences:

  • If I was a bride, I would… make sure I was creating the wedding that my fiancé and I wanted. At the end of the day, a wedding should celebrate you and who you are as a couple, and no one else! If this means having your favourite local food truck and cocktails, then so be it!
  • When I have time off, I… go horse riding with my horse, Lindy. She is my other love, and I try and go riding at least once a week when the weather permits.
  • Brides make me feel… so incredibly honoured and lucky to be involved in their wedding days! Working with our brides is what I love most about my job and without them, none of this would be possible.
  • I’m inspired by… our brides, their weddings, their creativity, nature, architecture, vintage-style, my creative team… I’m forever finding inspiration in the smallest details. But, it’s when I get to spend time in our Melbourne boutique, or when I travel to visit boutiques all around the world, that I have the best ideas! More than once I have created something truly incredible only with the input from one of our brides!
  • I couldn’t be without… my husband, Murray. He’s a constant support, source of inspiration and he really is my rock. Having him as part of the Anna Campbell team means we get to see each other all the time. I’m so grateful and appreciative for that.


India dress Anna Campbell

Which design from your collection would you wear yourself and how would you style it?

Some of the key styles from our Ceremony collection, released in late 2016, were actually based on my own (four!) wedding dresses! The Anna Dress especially was designed to pay tribute to my favourite reception dress. I created the ivory and pearl-toned beading, in a beautiful floral hand-embellished motif. The draped capped sleeves and embellished trumpet skirt will forever make the Anna a dress close to my heart.

Anna dress by Anna Campbell

Lastly, what’s your cocktail order?

Actually, I have always been more of a chai latte than a cocktail girl! At the moment I’m strictly on the orange juice as my husband and I are excited to announce we have just had a beautiful baby boy named Hendrix.

 Wow! Thank you so much Anna for that fantastic look into your world and a HUGE congratulations from us all at The Bridal Edit on the birth of Hendrix!

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell Dress


Anna Campbell Top Image – Stephanie Driscoll